You're in the domain of NOKO.NET. This is the personal website of MGAINNOKO, that also doubles as a hobby project. This website houses all my artworks and my original characters.

I can freely express myself on my website. Because of this, be warned for BLOOD, VIOLENCE and DISTURBING THEMES.

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3/Mar/22 Added the second pagedoll. i need 2 add the rest of the buttons for the bottom marquee soon. i'm hoping I can the rest of the homepage finished ASAP! i still gotsa finish those TWO BOXES RIGHT beside THIS very box!!!!!!!!!! and i want a hover animation for the character portraits ohhhhh so many things 2 do😢😢✍✍

2/Mar/22 I need to figure out what I can put in this spare box I have under the buttons. I can put an 88x31 button, or a visitor counter, or a link to sign my guestbook, or a misc. doodle, or a fake ad. Even a music player!

1/Mar/22 created the updates panel!!!! i'm setting overflow-y to scroll and using a custom scrollbar

23/Feb/22 started webpage; very basic layouts for every page 😁✍!